10 Must Haves For A Man Cave

So you’re building a man cave and you can’t decide what you want. Don’t fear, we’re here to help with this list of the ten-man cave must-haves!

1. TV

This is the centerpiece of your man cave so you want to spend plenty of time researching which TV out of the hundred makes and models fits your needs. A basic rule of thumb is your TV should be big enough for everyone to see and have enough ports for all your electronics like DVDs, boxes, etc.

2. Recliners

You and your friends need a place to sit and recliners are perfect for kicking back and watching the game. Usually, two recliners are fine starting out, and you can add later.

3. Sofa

If recliners aren’t up your alley or you want more space for your friends, a sofa will do the trick. Usually sticking the sofa between the recliners or the recliners behind the sofa will work, but feel free to experiment on the seating arrangement.

4. Fridge

While you could walk back-and-forth to the kitchen and your man cave, a fridge stocked with food and drinks will be so much better. Make sure to stock up every week so your food and drink supply don’t run low during the big game.

5. Medium-to-Large Table

Usually overlooked, having a medium-to-large table will not only provide a place to put your food and drinks, so they’re not at risk of being knocked over, but also provide an area for a card or board games. If you have space, a medium table in front of the seating with a large table in the back will work great.

6. Bar

If you have space, and the cash, to afford it a bar will be the second-most important item in your man cave next to the TV. Be it a wet bar or a dry bar, it’ll add an air of sophistication to your man cave. Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of drinks!

7. Pool Table

Another staple of larger, and some smaller, man caves is the pool table. Great for casual play or even small pool tournaments. You can’t go wrong with a pool table!

8. Posters

Having posters of your friends and your’ favorite movies, sports teams, or even bands is always recommended for adding to the atmosphere of your man cave. As a rule of thumb, a few big and eye-catching posters are better than dozens of smaller ones.

9. Memorabilia

Much like posters, having some memorabilia like signed footballs, movie props, or concert tickets from a favorite band also adds atmosphere for your man cave. You can even display any collections you have in your man cave if you like!

10. Movie Shelf

If you have a lot of movies, which most of us do, you’ll want a movie shelf to store all your DVDs and Blu-Rays. You can also place some of your memorabilia on these shelves as well!

These are our ten-man cave must-haves. Of course, you don’t have to pick everything from our list, but if you look around at other man caves you’ll quickly see why we picked these items. Remember that your man cave is an extension of you so always add what you and your friends want!

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