Columbus Ohio Sports Teams

Columbus is the capital and most important city of Ohio. Like all the greatest cities in the USA, we can enjoy amazing sports teams. At Columbus, we have many sports teams that everyone will find their own favorite team in every sport they like. Doesn’t matter if you live in Columbus or if you are a tourist, you will be able to enjoy high professional level sports teams in football, hockey, baseball, etc.

Columbus Black Jackets

Probably the most famous and important team at Columbus Ohio. This is a professional team of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Columbus Black Jackets is a “recent” franchise that played its first game on October 7th, 2000 replacing the old The Columbus Chill. Sadly so far they can not be able to win a Stanley cup and its the only team in all NHL that has never played a conference final. Even the first appearance in the play-off was in 2009 and they could win the first playoff game in 2014. The last season they lost in the play-off second round vs Boston Bruins 2-4.

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Columbus Crew SC

Columbus Crew Soccer Club is a professional team that plays at Major League Soccer (MLS). Columbus Crew SC was one of the founder of the MLS. The first game was on 1996. Columbus Crew was the first team to have their own stadium at the Major League Soccer and the last year the new owner announced the plan to build a new stadium with capacity for more than 20.000 people.


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Amazing soccer legends as Guillermo Schelotto and Alejandro Moreno signed with Columbus Crew SC at 2007, forming one of the most recognized forward couple in MLS taking the team to another level. Columbus Crew SC reached the highest honor in 2008 by achieving the Major League Soccer Cup. A few years ago in 2015 they were close to getting the MLS Cup again but they lost the final vs Portland Timbers 2-1. Columbus Crew SC also had won the Supporters’ shield in 3 times (2004, 2008, 2009) and US Open cup in 2002.

Ohio State Buckeyes football

If you are in Columbus Ohio and you are a fan of football this is the team you want to see. This is the football team of Ohio State University. They are part of the NCAA Division I. Ohio State Buckeyes is one of the greatest teams of NCAA with 8 national championship and 39 conference championships too. The last national championship was in 2014. Among their amazing statistics, this team have the record of having been undefeated in the entire season 10 times, yes that is right, they were undefeated in all season long in 10 times.

This incredible team was formed in 1890. Along its history they had incredible players and coaches and now 32 of them form part of College football hall of fame. The football program of Ohio State University has the highest value among all USA’s university football program with a valuation of $1.5 billion.

Columbus Clippers

Columbus Clippers is professional baseball team of the Minor Baseball League. It is a Triple A team, they are part of the International League. Since 2009 they are the affiliate Triple A team of Cleveland Indians. This team was formed in 1977 as an affiliate program of Pittsburgh Pirates and in 1979 they changed the affiliation to the New York Yankees. Recently in 2006 Washington Nationals acquired this program as their affiliation until 2008 when they signed with Cleveland Indians.

Columbus Clippers had won The International championship 11 times and they are the current championships.

So many incredible players had played in this time, such legends as Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Robinson CanĂ³, Josh Donalson, Corey Kluber, Alfonso Soriano, Bernie Williams, and the list goes on.

Columbus Eagles FC

This is a women’s soccer team. They play at the Women Premier Soccer League (WPSL). Columbus Eagles FC has recently formed just a few years ago, in 2014. They have not been able to get a championship tittle and since it is a young team we have to give them more time but last season it was good because Columbus Eagles end up in 2nd place in their division.

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